For most of Industrial Workshop and factories, Ventilation has become a point of major concern because of fumes, vapors, Gases and heat generated by the machinery in the production plant. A new concept of wind operated Air Ventilator as a low cost alternative against the conventional electrically operated ventilators/exhaust, is the best choice for industries and residence. SAMARIKA Air Ventilator works by utilizing wind power induced by centrifugal action. During rotation the centrifugal force created, draws the air in the turbines towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine. The airfoil vanes act as cups, catching the wind at the windward side of the turbine. Amount of air drawn by ventilator is continuously replaced by fresh air from outside. In SAMARIKA Air Ventilator there is in built heat and frictionless Teflon cap, which provides a "Friction Free" motion. The air movement lifts and separates the turbine from contact with central shaft, resulting in higher exhaust capacity. It also encompasses the concept of the duo fan, which increase the exhaust capacity. SAMARIKA Air Ventilators removes the humidity, heat, dust, smoke, fumes, and many more irritants which make the environment much cool, fresh and healthier for the workers, resulting in higher efficiency in the productivity.

Recommended Air Change Rates
Type of building Air Changes Per Hour
Assembly Hall 06-12
Auditorium 04-12
Bakeries 12-20
Boiler Room 20-60
Class Room 12-30
Factories (Light) 06-12
Factories (Heavy) 10-30
Paper Mill 08-30
Laundry 12-30
Textile Mill 04-12
Packing Room 08-30
Paint Shops 12-30
Warehouse 10-30
Assembly Hall 04-06